Distance Healing by Louise Schmidt Barry



I use my gift to heal people in close cooperation with the energy around us. To me it is a natural and human thing to use healing as a supportive or sometimes even primary driver for change. Healing energy can be activated at all times, in all places and yet it often stays hidden under our noses by busy livestyles. I have learned to work with it to give people an energetic lift, raise their vitality or heal from physical or mental trauma.



My name is Louise. I am 38 years old and live in rural Denmark where I live quite a simple life with my husband and our two children. I have been a professional healer since 2014. A few years earlier I had learned the Reiki approach to healing which really was the start of me thinking of myself as a healer. I have had certain gifts since childhood but since 2014 I have become an experienced healer using increasingly stronger and varied healing methods, learned in cooperation with the energy, readings and practicing. I honor and love the Reiki approach and it is still my base in every session.

Distance healing is beautiful in its simplicity. Whatever you struggle with will show itself clear and pure in a session. Awaiting release and support from the healing energy.

You will have the benefit of being able to stay in your home while receiving distance healing. We agree on a specific time that fits both our time zones, where you will rest during the session (approx. 1 hour). At the same time I will contact the energy and send you healing. You can expect to receive both healing and clairvoyant messages during a session. Immediately after the session you will receive a in-depth personal video with a status and any messages for you.



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